Create a culture where employee voices are heard

Boost new hire productivity

With employee onboarding survey, get feedback from employees during their first 30, 60, and 90 days. You can then target and make high impact changes. Employees then ramp up more quickly.

Drive Retention 2 - New Hire Survey Results

One survey platform

Build custom surveys for all your employee needs with just a few clicks. Have feedback in one system so anyone from your executives to your managers have access to just the information that they want.

Drive Retention 3 - Survey Dashboard

The complete solution

New hire and exit surveys

Get high impact feedback to make changes before more employees leave.

Continuous feedback

Unlimited access to ask employees for their thoughts and lend their voices to make more informed decisions.

Decrease turnover

See how your work on employee engagement translates into lower employee turnover.

With Activated Insights, we are definitely seeing delivery on a lower employee turnover percentage..

- Karen Sheean
Chief People Officer, Holiday Retirement

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Improve Engagement

Get insights and action planning to improve employee experience across locations and/or departments

Enhance Culture

Use pulse surveys and comprehensive time trending to understand how your culture is changing and improving over time

Drive Retention

Employee lifecycle management that informs data-driven decisions to improve culture and increase retention