Solutions Activated Insights helps to improve your employee and resident experience -- increasing your bottom line

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Great Place To Work Certification

Great Place To Work Certification to get recognized, recruit more and better talent, and see how you compare to your peers.

Employee engagement

Employee Engagement Surveys

Workforce insights tailored to your people strategy, including custom analytics and pulse surveys with powerful action planning

Resident engagement option 2

Resident Engagement Surveys

Data-driven recommendations using quantitative and qualitative feedback from your residents, clients, and family members to increase satisfaction, referrals, and occupancy.

U.S. News

U.S. News Best Senior Living Recognition

U.S. News & World Report is preparing a Best Senior Living survey to help families choose among top senior living communities.

employee exit_onboarding

Employee: Onboarding & Exit Surveys

Better understand why people join and why people leave so that you can improve your organizational capacity.

Resident Engagement

Resident: Marketing, Move-In & Discharge Surveys

Learn which locations score well with prospects, move-ins and discharges, and what can you do about it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When your organization signs up to survey either residents as well as family members and/or employees, you are assigned a Program Manager to help you be successful.

The surveying process is straightforward for both employees as well as customer feedback. You communicate to your staff and/or customers that you are conducting a survey (the ‘why’ is very important here-i.e. to hear everyone’s voices so that you can reward team members as well as improve). Then, you compile and upload a full roster. The survey. It takes two weeks, after which you receive results immediately. Usually, participation is very high if you follow your Program Manager’s recommendations on how best and when to communicate.