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Our data and insights team has one of the largest collections of employee engagement data in the world - and now it's specific to senior care in easy-to-digest infographic form.

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Boost Your Business With the Activated Insights Data Solutions Platform

Senior living organizations that survey residents and families through the Activated Insights Data Solutions Platform get valuable information that can boost their business results. Senior living organizations that survey residents and families also get valuable data that can boost their business in other ways. Survey results enable organizations to grow revenue by improving resident attraction and retention. Surveying residents and families can also elevate customer experience in a sustainable way and increase employee engagement.

Raise Occupancy to Raise Employee Engagement Screen Shot

Raise Occupancy by Raising Employee Engagement

It’s on everyone’s minds today in this sector. How do we raise occupancy rates, in the wake of a pandemic that scared many families away from senior living options?

Research from Activated Insights shows three direct links between improved employee engagement and better occupancy results.


3 Key Benchmarks For Your Sales Efforts Partial Screenshot

3 Key Benchmarks For Your Sales Efforts - Actionable Sales Strategies

As our buildings and communities reopen, driving sales is top of mind for every senior care CEO. While many dynamics of the sales process have remained the same, the post-pandemic world is rapidly changing and is moving resident’s decision making more online.

The Burnout Crisis in Senior Care - partial screenshot

The Burnout Crisis in Senior Care - and 3 Ways to Solve It

Employees in the senior care industry are at a breaking point as COVID drags on.

Even though vaccinations are happening every day and the end of the pandemic is in sight, burnout levels among staffers have soared over the past year.

SMASH - Sales/Marketing Transformation

SMASH - Sales and Marketing Transformation

What is the post COVID future?

Pre-COVID, marketing tours were the primary conversion driver. Now, tours are less frequent – and the BEST way to tell your story is through resident testimonials.

Five Predictions for Senior Living in 2021 Cover

Five Predictions for Senior Living in 2021

No industry was hit harder by COVID-19 in 2020 than senior living, but leaders can turn the corner in 2021. Let's take a look at five predictions for senior living in 2021.


Turnover in Senior Care

Get up to speed on the trends in employee turnover - and how employee engagement improves employee retention in our sector.

Best Workplaces Best Practices Library 2018 partial screenshot

Fortune 100: Best Practice Library (2018)

Enclosed are some of the best practices from the Fortune 100 Best
Companies to Work For and A Great Place to Work Institute. Many of these
best practices are shared in response to questions such as: “How does your
company recognize employees’ efforts?”


Research Report: Compensation and Benefits

Ensuring compensation and benefits at your organization is both competitive and fair is fundamental to a great workplace. Learn what the benchmarks are for wages and benefits across senior care providers.


Research Report: What CNAs and Caregivers Want (2018 version)

Certified Nursing Assistants are among the hardest talent to recruit and retain across senior care. Over 20,000 of them tell us what they want from their workplaces and what they need to stay.