Stregthen your culture to catalyze organizational performance

With your Driving Statement built into the platform, you can quickly see what has the largest driver of your organization's employee trust. Select questions to "pulse" your employees on with informal suggestions.

Culture 2 - New Pulse Survey Creation

See which actions have worked - and not worked - over time

Uncover what is driving your employee Trust Index scare - at a glance. Understand which departments, locations, or demographic groups are high or low for informal decision-making. See scores relative to benchmarks of other industries or within aging services.

Culture 5- New 2nd version of statements over time

Support your leaders with fast, frequent check-ins

You can "pulse" your employees for their feedback as often as you'd like. See which leaders are trending in the right direction and which might need a little extra support or coaching.


Baseline your new acquisitions and see their integration progress

Industry experts say that integrating new communities into a portfolio takes a minimum of 6 months and sometimes up to 2 years. Speed up integration and/or track the progress of how employees are feeling upon acquisition and during or after integration.

Culture 3 - New Statement Over time

Employee Engagement 2.0 is here

See what's working - and what's not

Get more feedback more frequently to see where you can make changes before employees leave.

Support your managers and leaders

Get more feedback, keep a pulse, and see trends quickly should all align.

Track progress over time

See trends quickly. Why wait for the next annual survey - when a whole year of resources have been used on something that has not worked?

The packaging and presentation...WOW. Thank you SO MUCH for your help in putting this together.

- Merry Rogers

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Improve Engagement

Get insights and action planning to improve employee experience across locations and/or departments

Enhance Culture

Use pulse surveys and comprehensive time trending to understand how your culture is changing and improving over time

Drive Retention

Actively manage the employee lifecycle and make data-driven decisions to improve culture and increase retention