Build customer relationships and gain actions that drive growth through resident surveys

Use Data to Inform Decisions. Know what customers love and how you create great experiences

One Survey Platform

  • Have feedback in one system so anyone from your executives to your managers have access to just the information that they want.
  • With resident, family member, and fiduciary feedback, know what they love and what they think can be improved. You can then make more informed decisions of where to spend time and resources.
  • We make it easy for you to collect customer feedback through our well developed administration system using best practices.
  • We do marketing and discharge surveys to get you all the information you need to improve your sales process.

Resident Engagement

  • Build resident and family relationships through understanding a deeper level of needs
  • Improve move-in rates by committing to a quality experience: Commit to genuinely listening and working with residents and family members through anonymous surveys.

Online Reviews & Testimonials

  • The BEST way to tell your story is through resident testimonials. Empower your sales and marketing leaders with data on what your residents and family members love – and quotes that they can share with prospects.
  • Activated Insights can capture resident and family online reviews during your annual resident survey. We organize testimonials for you to use to increase satisfaction, referrals, and occupancy. It’s a lot of work to gather feedback from every resident, let us do it for you.

Watch how easily you can increase your online reviews & testimonials