Resident: Marketing, Move-in & Discharge Surveys

Marketing Post Tour Surveys

  • Have you ever taken a survey from prospects touring your community to better help your marketing departments? Well now is the time!
  • Better understand what people are gaining from tours and virtual visits, and what can be improved in your sales process

Move-In Surveys

  • Move-in’s are important for your occupancy rates
  • Are residents happy with their move in experiences?

Move-Out Surveys

  • Find out why customers leave. Are the move outs preventable, what are the reasons?
  • Learn which locations score well with prospects, move-in’s and discharges and what can you do about it!
Insights to improve your process and increase occupancy

Exciting News!

We’re thrilled to announce HCP has acquired Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight . Discover what this means for you.