Five critical CEO skills for the future (McKnight's Long-Term Care News)

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Photo Courtesy of: Holland Christian Home

A recent Ziegler study found that 70% of long-term care organizations likely would have CEOs retiring in the next five years. Recognizing the tectonic shifts in aging in the coming years, one such organization, Eskaton, embarked on its CEO succession planning in 2021 with a study. 

Internal executives, board members and external industry thought leaders — a total of 30 people — were asked about what the aging services field will look like in 10 years, as well as what skill sets will be vital for a CEO for their organizations to thrive a decade from now. 

We used these data to surface five critical CEO skills for the future of the senior living and care industry. We conclude that in an ever-more volatile environment, all successful leaders must speak a variety of stakeholder “languages” and balance operational chops with agile strategic thinking. 

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