SpiriTrust Lutheran™

What Certification Has Done for Us

About SpiriTrust Lutheran

  • 1400+ employees in Pennsylvania and Maryland

  • 6 senior living campuses, 7 home care and hospice offices, and 2 LIFE/PACE programs

Why We Applied for Certification

  • Our Chief Human Resource Officer certified her former organization as a Great Place to Work® in the past and knew the benefits.

  • Like others in senior care, we were having a tough time attracting and retaining great talent, so we wanted to showcase SpiriTrust as a great employer. We were not sure we would actually get certified but we said, “Let’s just try!”

  • We are a data-driven organization. We knew GPTW would offer data to drive strategic changes and decisions.

Best Place to Work Certification

Spotlight on Results

In 4 months, we have seen tremendous results1

Certification results chart
1 We attribute GPTW certification along with two other programs (a new career site and increasing our social media) to the increase in applications we have received.

How We Celebrated our Certification

  1. We picked a date to announce our Certified status.

  2. Meanwhile, we prepared a simple campaign.

    We printed banners for each location (See Figure 1).
    We printed t-shirts with our mascot (Pete the Peep) alongside our Great Place to Work® certification badge.
    Candy bars.
    Since we are in Pennsylvania, of course we printed Hershey bars with Pete and GPTW on the wrapper.
    Email signatures.
    We sent out an email signature and asked everyone with a work email to put it as their signature.
    Business cards.
    We printed our GPTW certification badge on all business cards.
  3. And then…we got all our team members together across locations to announce the news!

  4. Everyone was SO excited and proud. Everyone put on their t-shirts right away.

Marketing message
Figure 1: An example of the visual we created to celebrate our certification.
Group picture

Our Residents Love It Too

For us, certification also gave us the surprise result of bonding our employees and residents!

  • After seeing staff in their new Pete and GPTW t-shirts, residents requested
    t-shirts too. Residents are proud and love wearing their t-shirts.

  • Now, every month we celebrate a new accomplishment together (e.g., a location just
    got 5-star status). That Great Place to Work® celebration day, everyone can wear their Pete and GPTW t-shirts. We constantly get asked when this day every month is going to be! Monthly celebrations reinforce the work we are trying to do to make our workplace even better.

  • We have a large stuffed mascot “Pete” who also wears the t-shirt and goes around to each location.

That Said, We Recognize We Have Work To Do

  • We want to become even better as a workplace. Here is what we are doing
    to get there:

  • Expanded our GPTW committee to 35 people. This committee goes over results and action plans.

  • Created a “My Why” campaign around GPTW certification and took comments straight from what staff members said.
  • Put up billboards around their communities with why people love working at SpiriTrust, complete with photos.
  • Used our Trusted Leader program. Anyone can participate. It is 9 months long. Participants take ideas from the GPTW committee and come up with a plan to execute the ideas at SpiriTrust. A presentation is part of “graduation” from this program.
  • We set an ambitious goal of being a nationally recognized workplace by 2021! The important part is that we are improving and making our workplaces better for our employees and residents.

For more details or to discuss how your organization can get certified as a Great Place to Work®, please email [email protected]

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