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Who is your resident?

Have you surveyed your residents recently?

Do you know how many residents have an email address, still drive, or are feeling lonely?

Activated Insights surveyed almost 500 residents and family members in the last 12 months. The majority were surveyed between Oct 1, 2021 and Jan 31, 2022. Key findings show who our resident population is and how we can further serve our customers. (all self-reported responses)

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Three Things to KNOW - Developing CEO Skills for the Future

In our last article on the “Five Critical CEO Skills for the Future,” we talked about the why and what of successful leadership in elder services in the years ahead. The five vital skills were: Personal Depth, Operational Savvy, Industry Awareness, Government Smarts and Megatrend Acumen. In response to the article, many folks asked us to write more about the how.

So we reviewed the latest research on leadership development and reflected on our own effective habits. What follows is a guide for cultivating the abilities increasingly needed in our industry. It takes the form of three things to know: Know Thyself, Know Others, and Know Thy World.

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Not only are you celebrating your employees - Your employees are celebrating you too

During the pandemic, providers across senior care have found unique ways to celebrate their teams, from giving out awards
to caregiving heroes, to sending chicken soup when sick. These are some of the many creative ways to show appreciation to employees. Turns out it is working.

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Win Consumer Confidence by Doing This

Online reviews by residents and family members are an untapped and increasingly critical asset for senior living organizations. New research by Activated Insights demonstrates that the vast majority of residents and their relatives are willing to write positive reviews. This finding comes amid growing evidence that customer ratings on sites such as Google have a powerful influence on buying decisions.

Screen Shot Five Critical CEO Skills for the Future

Five Critical CEO Skills for the Future

A recent Ziegler study found that 70% of aging service organizations would likely have CEOs retiring in the next five years. Recognizing the tectonic shifts in aging in the coming years, one such organization, Eskaton, embarked upon its CEO succession planning in 2021 with a study.


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Good News on Resident Resilience and Customer Satisfaction

Our latest research reveals positive trends on residents’ wellbeing and customer satisfaction in the senior living industry. But whether your organization can celebrate and share the good news depends on three factors: what you measure, how you measure it, and whether you have a robust digital strategy.


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Blind Spots: The $3 Million Per Community Opportunity

Blind spot #1: Not knowing which communities or centers are not representing your brand well

Blind spot #2: A community's high scores may be disguised by the "movable middle" – and not reflective of having great customer promoters


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Resident Survey Benchmarks: The Power of Promoters

The Senior care industry experiences a wide range of customer net promoter scores.  the customer satisfaction scores that Activated Insights has collected show that customers can range from being as delighted as Ritz Carlton guests to being as displeased as grabbing fast food from Hardee's.



Raise Occupancy to Raise Employee Engagement Screen Shot

Raise Occupancy by Raising Employee Engagement

It’s on everyone’s minds today in this sector. How do we raise occupancy rates, in the wake of a pandemic that scared many families away from senior living options?

Research from Activated Insights shows three direct links between improved employee engagement and better occupancy results.


3 Key Benchmarks For Your Sales Efforts Partial Screenshot

3 Key Benchmarks For Your Sales Efforts - Actionable Sales Strategies

As our buildings and communities reopen, driving sales is top of mind for every senior care CEO. While many dynamics of the sales process have remained the same, the post-pandemic world is rapidly changing and is moving resident’s decision making more online.

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Quantifying and decreasing turnover - our $2 billion challenge and how to overcome it

Employee turnover for our industry has increased 15% during COVID

Losses average $2,500 per terminated employee (across all employees, including part versus full time, manager versus frontline)

Even higher for direct care staff Losses average $7,500 per full time caregiving/nursing employee

Five Predictions for Senior Living in 2021 Cover

Five Predictions for Senior Living in 2021

No industry was hit harder by COVID-19 in 2020 than senior living, but leaders can turn the corner in 2021. Let's take a look at five predictions for senior living in 2021.

The Burnout Crisis in Senior Care - partial screenshot

The Burnout Crisis in Senior Care - and 3 Ways to Solve It

Employees in the senior care industry are at a breaking point as COVID drags on.

Even though vaccinations are happening every day and the end of the pandemic is in sight, burnout levels among staffers have soared over the past year.

SMASH - Sales/Marketing Transformation

SMASH - Sales and Marketing Transformation

What is the post-COVID future?

Pre-COVID, marketing tours were the primary conversion driver. Now, tours are less frequent – and the BEST way to tell your story is through resident testimonials.


Turnover in Senior Care

Get up to speed on the trends in employee turnover - and how employee engagement improves employee retention in our sector.

Best Workplaces Best Practices Library 2018 partial screenshot

Fortune 100: Best Practice Library (2018)

Enclosed are some of the best practices from the Fortune 100 Best
Companies to Work For and A Great Place to Work Institute. Many of these
best practices are shared in response to questions such as: “How does your
company recognize employees’ efforts?”


Compensation and benefits

Ensuring compensation and benefits at your organization is both competitive and fair is fundamental to a great workplace. Learn what the benchmarks are for wages and benefits across senior care providers.


What CNAs want

Certified Nursing Assistants are among the hardest talent to recruit and retain across senior care. Over 20,000 of them tell us what they want from their workplaces and what they need to stay.

White Papers & Case Studies: Learn fascinating insights and take action

Our data and insights team mine a collection of over 100 million employee Great Place to Work trust surveys to bring you the latest research and best practice learnings.

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IntegraCare shares the benefits and ROI of participating in U.S. News Best Senior Living

IntegraCare is a trusted leader in senior living with 18 communities offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s care, and Dementia care in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

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How Receiving U.S. News Best Independent Living has Elevated Cedar Community Marketing & Sales

Cedar Community was named best SNF by U.S. News in recent years and noticed how it elevated their brand and organizational goals of brand awareness. Cedar Community has surveyed with Activated Insights for Great Place to Work Certification—so they knew it was a “no brainer” to survey their Independent Living residents and families to be recognized under U.S. News Best Senior Living.

WindRiver Case Study

How Getting Resident Feedback Made WindRiver's Operating Plans Better

WindRiver is a leading senior housing and care firm based out of Dallas, managing communities that offer affordable housing, independent living, assisted living and memory care across the southwestern states.


The Business Case for a High-Trust Culture

One of our most popular white papers, this case brings you high-impact research that you can use in your executive team briefing right away.


The Best Practice Library of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

Covering topics from employee recognition to developing career paths, this white paper showcases best practices from leading Fortune 100 companies.


Building an Engaged Senior Living Workforce

Get Argentum and Great Place to Work's return on investment overview for the senior living sector.


Finding and Growing a Talent Pipeline

Learn the best in workforce strategies from Argentum and Great Place to Work's case studies.


Learnings from the Best Workplaces for Women

See what Marriott, Delta, and Wegman's do to attract, retain, and develop its women.

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COVID Best Practices

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January 2021 COVID-19 - 2020 Benchmarks

Reopening in COVID what residents and families say they want

August 2020 Reopening in COVID - what residents and families say they want

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May 2020 COVID Best Practices: What Our Frontline Heros Need

COVID Best Practices: What Best Companies Do In Times of Uncertainty

May 2020 COVID Best Practices: What Best Companies Do In Times of Uncertainty

CNAs during COVID - Four Ways to Engage and Retain Your Caregivers 2020

May 2020 CNAs during COVID - Four Ways to Engage and Retain Your Caregivers 2020

covid-19 senior care response

April 2020 Webinar: The Battle Against COVID-19: Resourcing for the Win

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April 2020 Webinar: COVID-19 Testing

Best Practices: Covid-19 Across Senior Care (part 2 of 3)

April 2020 Best Practices: Covid-19 Across Senior Care (part 2 of 3)

Best Practices: Covid-19 Preparation (part 1 of 3)

March 2020 Best Practices: Covid-19 Preparation (part 1 of 3)

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