12 tips for recruiting and retaining staff members (McKnights Senior Living)

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Photo Courtesy of: McKnights Senior Living

Despite the skyrocketing costs, the majority of senior living (independent and assisted living) residents — two out of three — said they are satisfied with the value of their communities, according to Activated Insights, which oversees data collection for Great Place to Work and Fortune magazine.

According to the Activated Insights survey, 47% of assisted living residents and 46% of independent living residents agreed with the statement that they are satisfied with the value they receive for what they pay. And nearly 90% of residents said the community is good, very good or excellent.

Family members also said they favor the communities where their loved ones reside, with 83% to 89% indicating that those communities are good or better.

Activated Insights surveyed 483,644 residents and family members in the last 12 months, with the majority surveyed between October and January.

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