How to complete your GPTW survey during COVID-19

May 18, 2020 / Care, COVID-19

We recognize that senior care has been turned upside down in many ways as COVID-19 has become the primary focus since March. Although the health and safety of residents and employees is priority #1, there are still ways to complete your Great Place to Work survey with class and ease.

Why should we survey?

  • Gather feedback from your employees at a critical time. Knowing where employees think you are excelling or areas of concern can help you identify areas that need work – and where to recognize what’s working well.
  • Opportunity for Certification. The GPTW badge continues to be a proven tool to help with recruiting quality applicants and showing potential residents your commitment to employee satisfaction, helping with new hires and occupancy in the coming year.
  • Opportunity for recognition: Any organization with an active Certification as of August 30, 2020 will be eligible for the 50 Best Workplaces in Aging Services list published with Fortune magazine.

How can we be sensitive to the situation and still survey?

  • Customize your communications. Let employees know that your survey isn’t just about Certification and that you want to hear what they have to say during this critical time. Thank people for their work – and let them know their thoughts matter.
  • Email & text notifications from GPTW, with the survey link, can now be customized with your own messaging.
  • Customize the survey welcome screen with a thank you message from your CEO.
  • Utilize survey feedback to take action and improve.
  • If you’d like to ask COVID-specific questions, we can also help you set up a custom survey to gather more feedback at no additional cost through August 30, 2020.

What has worked for others?
Senior care organizations that have surveyed over the past 2 months have seen steady response rates and, in many cases, an increase in score. How are they doing it?

  • Email &/or text alerts. Survey notifications sent directly from Activated Insights, to your employees with a survey link make it easy to access the survey from a personal device. This helps maintain social distancing and use of shared devices – and makes it incredibly easy to remember, and access, the survey.
  • Leveraging existing communication. Hopefully you’re in regular communication with your employees about COVID, utilize those communications as an opportunity to let employees know the survey is coming.
  • QR codes. We can provide a QR code to link to your company’s survey. Include this code in email signatures during your survey period and on simple posters in break rooms to provide another easy survey access point.


Senior Star’s word cloud answers to the question:
“What could we do to make this a more enjoyable/rewarding place to work right now”