Generations Healthcare

Why We Certified as a Great Place to Work®

About Generations Healthcare

  • Founded in 1998, Generations began with a single 89-bed SNF. We have since grown to 27 facilities comprising over 3,000 licensed beds.

  • We operate with a simple principle
    in mind: focus on quality and service while remaining mindful of the challenges and changes facing older adults in today’s world.

  • Like many SNFs and senior care providers, we face significant challenges recruiting and retaining quality staff for our facilities.

Why We Certified – How We Used Our Certification

  • Celebrate – We want to celebrate the exceptional work that our employees do every day, giving compassionate and competent care to our residents.
  • Differentiate – We need to be able to differentiate to job seekers in a competitive employer market.
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How We Used Our Certification

Celebrating the good work that our employees do every day.

Facility posters

  • Our advertising team created colorful, informational posters (See Figure 1).
  • They describe key benchmark areas where we had high scores.
  • They prominently display our logo and the GPTW logo – that we are joined from May 2018–May 2019.

Email signatures

  • See Figure 2.

Employee newsletter

  • In the fall issue, we will include an article about how we got certified as a Great Place to Work, what it entailed, and what it means.

Public press release and promotion on our website

  • We issued a press release and various marketplace news outlets picked it up.
  • We also have a blog story about Great Place to Work certification on our public website.

Benefits enrollment

  • We’ve woven the GPTW message into our benefits communications for our extraordinary range of benefit programs.
GPTW certified poster in their building
Figure 1: How our Lompoc, CA team displays the GPTW certified poster in their building.
email signature
Figure 2: A sample of how we promote certification in our email signatures.

How We Used Our Certification

Differentiating to job seekers and new hires.

Recruitment advertising

Our recruitment posts (e.g., on Indeed, Monster, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.) all showcase that we are GPTW certified (See Figure 3).

Recruitment ad
Figure 3: A sample of how we promote certification in our job posts.

New hire welcome

Created communication for new hires to describe examples of why we truly are a “Great Place to Work” (Figure 4).

New hire welcome letter
Figure 4: A document from our new hire packet.

What We Have Already Seen From GPTW Certification

Better candidates

  • More candidates apply, telling us “I saw the Great Place to Work® Certification on your website and went to your website to educate myself.”
  • On LinkedIn alone, we got 200+ resumes for one specific position – so many were MUCH higher quality candidates than was expected. And, this is in a very tight job market.
    • We had a candidate who told us she was a soft job searcher: “I’m working at a go go go organization…and I’m looking for an organization that is similarly high quality but with more of a ‘beating heart’ to it.”
    • Other candidates have told us that the Certification badge drew their attention to do more research on Generations Healthcare as a company.
    • Some candidates have said “I want to bring my skills and abilities to the best company” – and “I want to learn more to see if I want to be part of that.”

Parting Tips

How to have a successful certification process

Using competition to get robust employee participation

  • We peppered the organization with scorecard emails every day…here is where our participation is; who wants to push it higher?
  • When we had a facility achieve a great response rate, I would say “the leaderboard has changed…come on guys!” and attach the results as of that time – e.g. 3:00pm. We used leaderboards to engender healthy competition. We emailed these leaderboards daily.
  • We also announced who the top locations were in each of our three regions.
  • Some buildings, when they hit certain participation milestones, celebrated with a pizza party or some other incentive. These were very popular.

Providing devices to ensure all employees could easily participate

  • We posted easy step-by-step instructions.
  • We also established a company telephonic helpline and an email address specifically to obtain help for any technical or survey-specific questions.
  • We provided additional laptops and kiosks so employees who left their phone at home or who do not have a personal smart phone could easily take the survey. They could log in on one of these devices and take their survey.
Generations Healthcare logo

Conclusion: You can and should do this!

  • Certification has helped us tremendously.

  • Make the process fun, competitive, and tie it to your core values. Your organization will respond and love it!

by Merry Rogers
Director of Human Resources
Generations Healthcare

For more details or to discuss how your organization can get certified as a Great Place to Work®, please email [email protected]

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