Diversity & Inclusion in Senior Care

June 23, 2020 / Diversion & Inclusion

Creating a culture where diversity & inclusion are a core initiative can have a tremendous positive impact on your employees.  See below for a list of what some or our customers and national providers (with 100+ locations and/or 1000+ employees) have done or are thinking of doing!  If you have an idea and don’t see it on this list, we would love to hear from you!

  • Communication-and turning it to action
  • CEO publishing a letter (or sending out a video) stating the company’s position and personal thoughts. The key message is to offer empathy and encourage more dialogue.
  • Continuing the dialogue in resident groups and employees, eg around topics such a”Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging” – and some providers are linking each topic with a community nonprofit where individuals can volunteer and get involved in helping
  • For companies with Sunday sermons or other religious weekly meetings, having a Black pastor preach and sharing a prayer from him/her with all employees
  • Asking an outside facilitator (eg from a local minority or community college) to create a focus group on diversity and inclusion that provides recommendations to senior leaders
  • Training-targeting to certain groups
  • To parents: Offering training on how to talk to your children about biases
  • To managers and supervisors: Leadership training on guiding in the age of civil unrest
  • To all staff: cultural competency training – rolling out to half the communities this year and next year to all staff
  • To younger/less experienced staff: an “ouch that hurts” cutesy training geared towards high schoolers and Gen Z ie “cutesy” lands better with them – to offer them how NOT to say things full of ageism or how to respond when residents say to them things that are offensive as well
  • Education-and potential policy changes
  • A BIG area uncovered are all the microaggressions by residents to staff ie calling black nurses the help etc.; post acute has policies on how to let patients know this is unacceptable and there are no standards in post acute care, so coming up with those e.g. educating families and residents on microaggressions and how it hurts staff
  • Partnering with community colleges to create career pathways and scholarships into the company for healthcare and business
  • Personal counseling and support
  • Offering EAP resources and free resources/contacts for dealing with trauma, counseling, and therapy
  • Making sure everyone (esp targeting African Americans) knows the designated phone line to call for support
  • Increasing support services (outbound calls by leaders, encouraging leaders) for those in tracked programs like schools/scholarships and apprenticeships
  • Creating workforce housing opportunities to assist low-income families
  • Creating a technology fund to designate money for laptops for those on scholarships (and sometimes for their kids on scholarships)
  • Recognizing Juneteenth as a paid holiday
  • Using Great Place to Work data
  • Pulling the data to see which locations (and big departments within locations) score lower than the co average on the “treated fairly for my race” question (and other questions) and targeting those for communication and training

If you’d like to use your Insights data to analyze how your employees are feeling, drop us a line at hello@activatedinsights.com or reach out to your Culture Coach directly. We’re here to help!

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