Reducing the liklihood of negative health outcomes

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annual home health visits


Previously worked with traditional vendor who was slow to deliver insights

Capturing data and feedback to understand the link between employee engagement and health outcomes such as CMS star ratings, deficiencies, and hospital readmissions

Improved the employee experience and reduced the likelihood of negative care outcomes

Ohio Living Case Study

Founded in 1922, Ohio Living is the largest aging services nonprofit in Ohio and an innovative member of both LeadingAge Ohio and LeadingAge national. With over 3,000 employees across 13 provider locations, their mission is to provide adults across Ohio with caring and quality services. Larry Gumina, Chief Executive Officer, and Dana Ullom-Vucelich, Chief Human Resources and Ethics Officer, partner to help align their people to achieve their mission. To achieve its mission, Ohio Living focuses on its people. As Gumina explains, “We focus on the recognition of our people. When we do, employee turnover is lower, customer service surveys are higher, the Department of Health surveys are higher, and patient outcomes are better (as measured by fewer falls, fewer bedsores, and fewer trips to the ER).”

Challenge: Finding a partner that delivers real-time, actionable insights
Ohio Living previously had experience with another employee survey company. Ullom-Vucelich describes, “Before, it took longer to get results. We also didn't have a way to drill down to get to demographics and detail by the supervisor and by the department.” Ohio Living also knew that to thrive in the future, the organization needed to benchmark itself against the best in other industries, not just senior care.

Solution: Working with Great Place to Work's senior care team
Finding a partner who provides benchmarks both in senior care and other industries
In the ever-changing environment of healthcare reform, Ohio Living knew that they needed to push themselves to excel and wanted to compare themselves to the best in both aging services and other industries. Ohio Living is using Activated Insights to do exactly that. Using the platform’s abilities, Ohio Living measures employee perceptions in real-time across its 3,000 employees and 13 life plan communities as well as at-home programs. Furthermore, Ohio Living eagerly compares itself to the best in aging services as well as the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Getting real-time results
“With Activated Insights, we can also ask our employees..what are you thinking? And get that feedback right away,” said Ullom-Vucelich. “I can be curious in real-time and I can interact with keep drilling down, drilling sideways, and then come back.”

Translating employee engagement into organizational performance
As Gumina confides, with employees who flourish and a culture that puts people first, you get strong health outcomes and strong business performance. "We measure and look at these results regularly as a team."

Results: Switching from a traditional vendor to a best-in-class partner
Ullom-Vucelich concludes by remarking, “We vetted other partners. We did side by side comparison of others including Activated Insights. We’re so glad of our decision. From the product to the service, I’ve come to expect nothing less from Activated Insights