Custom surveys to collect COVID-19 feedback from employees

April 17, 2020 / Care, COVID-19

Accurately gauging how employees are feeling and what they need in the midst of COVID-19 can be difficult to track as priorities are pulled in multiple directions. 

Several providers have used our complimentary tools and services to collect feedback from employees during this time. We offer this as a way to help. 

Senior Star got responses from nearly 50% of its employees within days and says, “Getting this  COVID-19 feedback directly from our staff was invaluable for our planning.”

With a customized survey, you can:

  • Ask COVID-19 specific questions related to safety, resources employees need at work, as well as concerns and needs they may have at home 
  • Utilize responses to help inform and prioritize your efforts to help ease concerns both at work and home for employees. See them come in live
  • Share results from the Insights platform with others in your organization

Let us help you quickly and easily gather feedback directly from your frontline that can be shared with ease across your organization. To find out more or set up a survey, reach out to your Program Manager or