Custom & Lifecycle Surveys with Activated Insights

December 6, 2019 / Development

While annual surveys are important, there are other key points in an employee’s lifecycle that gathering feedback is just as critical.

What’s your plan for monitoring and improving the employee experience throughout the coming year?

Our custom survey tool allows you to collect feedback at key lifecycle points like:

  • Onboarding
  • Exit
  • Promotion
  • Lateral Moves
  • …And the burning questions that come up, like: “What kind of holiday gift would you prefer?”

With Custom Surveys through Activated Insights, you have the power to:

  • Conduct unlimited surveys throughout the year
  • Create surveys based off of Trust Index questions
  • Create surveys with totally custom multiple choice, Likert scale, or open ended questions
  • Survey employees on any topic, such as: benefits, recognition preferences, diving in on Trust Index survey responses in a confidential format!
  • Keep surveys open and see responses as they come in
  • Run surveys for a set period of time

Are you running surveys in another system? If so, let us show you how we can help you consolidate all of your employee survey efforts into Activated Insights and simplify your workflows.

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