COVID Resource Guide

June 23, 2020 / COVID-19

Please see below for a list of resources we have compiled for testing, PPE, and cleaning to help you operate in the COVID world.

[Please note that we are not an investor in any of these products listed below and do not profit in any way.  We are simply looking to provide contacts and information to you as a way to help.]

  1.  Mask options we love
    • Masks with ties – $5 each for quantities over 500 (see HERE)
    • Please contact Amanda Sheats for more details at: 
    • Check out other High Cotton face mask options HERE
  2. Curative COVID-19 Detection
  3. Carbon Health (a modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider offering virtual and in-person care)
  4. SteriSafe (whole room disinfection system)
  5. Chinese medical supplier (for supplies like testing swabs)
    • see HERE for contact information and brochure
  6. Horseferry & Partners – Vietnam supplier for products such as masks and nitrile gloves
    • see HERE for contact information

Exciting News!

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