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CoreQ is a standardized measure of quality care provided by skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities. It measures how well residents feel about their health care experience.

Context for CoreQ. CoreQ consists of five customer satisfaction survey questions. They were developed by Professor Nick Castle and AHCA for assisted living (ALs) and skilled nursing homes (SNFs). They cover both short and long stay patient / resident and family member satisfaction. CoreQ received the National Quality Forum’s endorsement, and in 2022, CMS indicated that it would soon be adding CoreQ as a requirement for SNF quality reporting.  More information can be found at

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CoreQ is currently voluntary, but we highly encourage you to add CoreQ to your satisfaction surveys to get ahead of the impending CMS changes that will make it required:

  • Learn about how well you are doing on key measures of patient experience and satisfaction
  • See where you need improvement and take action now
  • Share your results with your referring providers so they know how well you are performing
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Ties to quality and financial performance

Research suggests that high customer satisfaction is directly linked to both quality of care outcomes as well as company performance such as profitability. Implementing CoreQ is an industry trend and one that all providers will soon need to do. Forward-looking providers have already started using CoreQ.

Activated Insights CoreQ for SNFs

Depth and breadth. Activated Insights is the leading survey provider across post-acute care and aging services. We work with over 6,000 senior care providers to survey employees, residents / patients, and responsible parties / POAs.

CoreQ and quality compliance. Activated Insights helps you achieve good response rates and CoreQ program compliance.

CoreQ questions and methodology. We recommend getting at least 20 responses and a 30% response rate. Activated Insights makes this easy with Internet-based surveys and award-winning text messaging capabilities.

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Exciting News!

We’re thrilled to announce HCP has acquired Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight. Discover what this means for you.