Action Plan Changes

March 13, 2020 / Development

Recent changes were made to the look and functionality of Great Place to Work action plans in

The good news: If you had an active action plan, all of the information previously entered in your Action Plan Statements & Tasks remain exactly the same.

The great news: Action plans have had some notable tools added based on feedback from you – our users!

1. Auto-Save Changes:
Information in Action Item updates is now auto-saved as you type

2. Track Action Item Statuses:
You can now assign a status to each Action Item letting you track your progress. Color-coded statuses help monitor the health of your action plan at a glance.

3. Set Action Item Owners & Due Dates:
We know that different people on your team may be responsible for the implementation of different actions. You now have the ability to track the owner for each task so you know who to check in with for progress reports.Add due dates for each task to stay on track.

Want to learn more?

For a full overview of how the updated Action Plan tool works, click here or register to join our live Action Plan overview webinar on Wednesday March 18th at 11 am PT/2 pm ET by clicking here (Link Expired).

Additional updates to the user experience in Action Plans are planned for the coming month – keep an eye out for more improvements coming soon!

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